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Understanding how to use UKCP09

As part of the changes that we have made to the UKCP09 site, we have included a new section to help you better understand what the UK climate projections are and what information is most relevant for your needs.

This information can be found under the Using Climate Projections tab. If you are new to the site we recommend that you read the information in this section before using the climate projections data.

The section includes the following pages:

  • What do you want to do?: This page will help you decide whether UKCP09 is right for you, and where to find the information that will help you the most.
  • Before you start using UKCP09...: This page helps you understand some important characteristics of the UKCP09 projections. You should read this page before you start using the data.
  • Key features of UKCP09: This page shows some of the key features of the UKCP09 projections and the different ways the data is presented on the site.
  • Probability in the UKCP09 projections: One of the biggest advantages of using UKC09 projections is that they are 'probabilistic'. This makes them more useful for decision-making. In order to understand this development and interpret the projections you will need to read this page first.
  • Handling uncertainty in UKCP09: This page explains how the UKCP09 projections deal with the inevitable uncertainty that is present in future climate change projections.

Where to go now?

If you are new to the site, we recommend you read the Using Climate Projections pages.

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