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Case studies

UKCP09 has been used by a large number and variety of organisations to help plan for, and adapt to, a changing climate. Here we present case studies, written by UKCP09 users, which show how the latest climate projections and supporting information have been applied.

The case studies have been grouped in order of increasing complexity, starting with those used to help raise awareness and moving onto examples covering high-level risk assessments and more detailed quantitative risk assessments.

In addition to these case studies, a number of worked examples are available to provide some context to using UKCP09. Originally developed using dummy data prior to the full publication of UKCP09, those that share useful approaches or learning points have been retained.

TitleCase Study FocusWhich UKCP09 products were used?Organisation
Awareness Raising
Awareness raising of climate impacts: Kent County CouncilVisualising UKCP09 dataKent County Council
Policy implications of UKCP09 for Devon County CouncilPreparing a briefing paper on organisational risksDevon County Council
Engaging coastal communities with climate change (NEW)Using UKCP09 projections to engage coastal communities with the issue of sea level rise

Marine & coastal projections report

Climate change projections report

Maps & key findings

Defra/JBA Consulting
High level risk assessment
Climate impacts on council services: Hampshire County CouncilThe uses of UKCP09 in emergency planningHampshire County Council
Climate change projections and spatial planningDefining land capability for agriculture specifications in ScotlandMacaulay Institute
Risks to council services in Milton KeynesAssessing potential vulnerabilities of council services to climate changeMilton Keynes Council & United Sustainable Energy Agency
Coastal management in CumbriaInvestigating costal recession and shore profile development in CumbriaRoyal Haskoning
Climate impacts on tourism in the south west UKAssessing the impacts of climate change on tourism in South West EnglandSouth West Tourism
Water sector adaptation under the Climate Change Act 2008 (NEW)Using UKCP09 to inform risk assessment workshops

The Observed trends report

Maps & key findings

United Utilities
Quantitative risk assessment
Using future weather data for building design (NEW)Developing methodologies to assess building design in future climates (COPSE)Weather GeneratorManchester University
Energy modelling for the built environmentUsing probabilistic climate scenarios in building environmental performance simulation (PROCLIMATION)De Montfort University
Using probabilistic data in the building industryUsing probabilistic climate data to future-proof design decisions in the buildings sector (PROMETHEUS)University of Exeter
Infrastructure and health and social care for older people (NEW)Considering the influence of climate change on health and social care systems in England (BIOPICCC)

The Weather Generator (Version 2)

University of Durham
Climate impacts and UK sewersUsing the UKCP09 Weather Generator in sewerage modelling

Climate change projections report

Weather Generator report

Weather Generator

Atkins UKWIR
Estimating changes in river flow in the UKA national assessment of river flows using UKCP09

11-member RCM

Climate impacts on pollution levels in watercourses in BirminghamClimate change and pollution caused by sewage and urban diffuse pollution at two watercourses in Birmingham
Environment Agency/Acclimatise
Investigating climate impact on peak river flowsStrategic planning for flood management using UKCP09

11-member RCM

Environment Agency/CEH 
Assessing flood risk and estimating its economic impactUsing the UKCP09 projections to estimate changes in flood damages at a catchment scale

Sampled model output

Environment Agency/JBA Consulting 
Estimating climate impacts on river flow duration curvesUsing the UKCP09 projections to estimate changes in the flow duration curve and in-stream habitat suitability

Sampled model output

Environment Agency/University of Reading
Climate impacts on water supplyUsing UKCP09 joint probability plots for climate change risk assessments

Probabilistic projections

Severn Trent Water
Supporting the climate adaptation strategy for Greater ManchesterUsing UKCP09 in a study assessing climate change impacts and adaptation in an urban areaUniversity of Manchester