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About the Weather Generator

The Weather Generator report introduces users to the UKCP09 Weather Generator tool, which is available through the User Interface.

The Weather Generator provides time series of weather variables that quantify certain aspects of weather on a daily or hourly basis. These variables are temperature, rainfall, humidity and sunshine amount. It allows users to generate plausible daily and hourly time series of these weather variables at 5 km resolution level. As there is no climate change data available at the 5km scale, the Weather Generator 'downscales' the climate data from the 25km scale.

The Weather Generator report introduces the Weather Generator and addresses how it can be used to assess changes in extremes. It also provides illustrative maps of changes in extremes across the UK.

A copy of the Weather Generator report can be downloaded from the Reports and Guidance section.

What to use it for

The weather generator report should be used to:

· Investigate local scale climate impacts

· Explore certain extreme events

· Investigate the risks associated with exceeding a pre-determined climate threshold

· Obtain a typical daily climate sequence.

More information

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