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About the Briefing report

About the Briefing report

The Briefing report consolidates the findings of the four UKCP09 scientific reports in a way that is accessible to the general reader. It provides an insight into the methodology used and some key projections of future climate change for the UK over the 21st century. Projections are given of changes to climate, and of changes in the marine and coastal environment; recent trends in observed climate are also discussed.

The Briefing report summarises the findings of: the Climate Change Projections report, the Marine and Coastal Projections report, the Observed Trends report and the Weather Generator report.

A copy of the Briefing report can be downloaded from the Reports and Guidance page.

What to use it for

The Briefing report should be used to:

· Get an overview of the key results of UKCP09

· Understand the key elements of the range of methodologies behind UKCP09

· Provide a starting point for exploring UKCP09 further to address questions relating to climate change adaptation.

What to be aware of

The Briefing report is designed to be an overview of the other UKCP09 science reports. As such it is advisable to consult each of those reports if you require a detailed understanding of the different methodological approaches and a more complete review of UK climate projections.

Need more help?

· For examples of how other organisation have used UKCP09 projections please see the Case Studies.

For other queries please see our Help tab.