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UKCP09 product map

The map below shows how the UKCP09 products fit together:

  • The outer ring shows the UKCP09 User Interface . The User Interface allows access to raw climate projections data, and a host of customisable outputs such as maps, graphs and charts as well as access to the weather generator.
  • The middle ring shows the UKCP09 published material. These are the scientific reports that have been based on the climate projection data.
  • The innermost ring shows the UKCP09 Key Findings. These are pre-prepared maps, graphs and summary information that give a broad overview of the information presented in the published reports.
  • The product map also shows some data sources that are not part of UKCP09. They sit outside the rings.

More information about the products can be found by clicking on the relevant part of the map.

Please note that the map illustrates the products in UKCP09 but is not intended to show routes through the information.

Download a printable pdf version [2Mb].


land.jpg Climate change projections
marine.jpg Marine & coastal projections
multilevel.jpg Multi-level ocean output
sealevel.jpg Sea level projections
storm.jpg Storm surge height projections
observed.jpg Observed trends
wind.jpg Wind projections
wgen.jpg Weather Generator
UKCP09 tubemap of productsObserved climate dataMulti-level ocean outputBriefing reportKey findings11-member RCMClimate change projectionsMaps & graphsCustomisable mapsCDF dataPDFsCDFsPlume plotsSampled dataJoint probability plots11-member RCMObserved trends reportMarine & coastal projectionsStorm surge height graphsWeather GeneratorWeather GeneratorThreshold Detector