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About UKCP09

UKCP09 is the name given to the UK Climate Projections. The UKCP09 website allow users to access information on plausible changes in 21st century climate for the United Kingdom. UKCP09 provides future climate projections for land and marine regions as well as observed (past) climate data for the UK.

UKCP09 was produced in 2009, funded by a number of agencies led by Defra. It is based on sophisticated scientific methods provided by the Met Office, with input from over 30 contributing organisations. UKCP09 can be used to help organisations assess potential impacts of the projected future climate and to explore adaptation options to address those impacts.

The UKCP09 website is managed by the Environment Agency working with the Met Office.

Why use UKCP09?

The fact that the world's climate is changing is irrefutable. Further worldwide changes are inevitable in the future, that will directly affect life in the UK. Decision-makers from the public and private sectors must act to put in place measures to minimise the negative consequences of climate change and take advantage of opportunities that it may bring.

UKCP09 is the leading source of climate change information for the UK. It can help users to assess their climate risks and plan how to adapt to a changing climate.

Effective planning for climate change calls for the use of the best available information. UKCP09 provides just that.

How UKCP09 fits together

UKCP09 projections are presented in a number of different ways:

1) Maps and key findings: This section provides maps, graphs and key findings for administrative regions, river basins and marine regions of the UK, as well as on 25km grid. They provide a quick way to see projected changes in the UK climate.

2) Published material: Climate projections information and observed climate data for the UK have been compiled in 5 reports that can be downloaded from the Reports and Guidance section.

3) Customisable Output: Users can access customisable maps, graphs and charts, as well as the raw climate projection data by using the UKCP09 User Interface . The User Interface is hosted and maintained by British Atmospheric Data Centre.

Before you start...

The climate projections were created with a range of uses in mind. How you use UKCP09 will depend on what you are planning to use it for. To find the most appropriate information for you and for more guidance on how to use UKCP09 please see the Using Climate Projections section.

More information on the background to UKCP09 is available from the links below.